Custom Beverage Labels

Your coffee, milk, water, sports drinks and specialty beverages need a label and label supplier that understands the creative requirements associated with current shelf space trends. Beverage labels face many environment considerations and must survive condensation and moisture intact. Label Aid, Inc. has the experience and knowledge to ensure your custom label stands up to your labeling application and exposure elements, all the while incorporating unique printing elements to your label.

Beverage Label Options

Your beverage container will determine the type of beverage label that will work best for your product. Will your drink require a glass bottle, carton, plastic bottle or aluminum can? Is there a taper to your container? All of these items will be evaluated and from there will help you determine the best size and shape for your label. There are many options for glass, plastic and aluminum bottles. Label Aid will guide you in selecting the type of label and adhesive that best fits your application.

ken-bottle What to consider when developing a beverage label.

  • The custom branding, design and the color options desired
  • The size and shape of your label and packaging
  • The application and service range of environmental exposures your label must endure
  • Government-mandated information that is required for your label

What next? The big four…

  1. Label stock – The 3 most common label stock options include paper, film and foil. Paper being your least expensive option, but exposure to moisture and humidity becomes problematic. Film labels are extremely durable and water resistant. Adding a clear polypropylene lamination will protect the label from moisture and condensation. Foil label stock or stamping is a premium solution providing pizzaz with a metallic appearance.
  2. Adhesive – Do you need a removable label, one that will peel away without residue? Or a permanent option that will stand up to the typical storage area environment, moisture, condensation and humidity?
  3. Printing ProcessDigital printing is a perfect solution for short run projects. Flexographic printing is ideal for delivering large print runs economically. Both printing processes provide high end graphics and printing quality.
  4. Capabilities – Whatever message your label needs to convey, we can help take your ideas to the next level. With endless design and material choices, we’ll guide you through the process from concept-to-delivery. Some of our customer beverage label capabilities include:
  • Foil Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Custom Die Cut Shapes and Sizes
  • Wet Strength Materials
  • Protective Lamination
  • Up to 8 CMYK and/or Spot Color Printing
  • Flexo and Digital Printing Options
  • Front and Back of Label Printing – Allowing label to be seen from both sides of packaging
  • Variable Image Printing on Same Roll
  • Sequential Numbering
  • Eco Friendly Materials
  • and much more


Label Aid, Inc. employs a team of professionals who will guide you through the process of selecting a design, choosing materials and the best printing option solution to help your label enhance your product on the shelf. We have perfected the ease and simplicity of this process over the past 30+ years!